The NEW Medprax E-script Generator.  

Features of this product

  • Print your own electronic script quickly and easily using the medprax drug database
  • Save and edit chronic repeat scripts and reprint on follow up visits
  • Write cost effective scripts by viewing and comparing products on active ingredient, generic equivalents and price. This also includes drug classification
  • Add ICD 10 codes from a database designed specifically for scripting
  • Most products you script will have default script instructions added
  • UP to six doctors can access the same the same patient and drug database


  • Search Engine to find generic and therapeutic equivalents
  • Search and compare products on active ingredients or ATC class.
  • Compare prices of products

For years now we have been discussing how nice it would be if one could quickly and easily generate an electronic script, print it, sign it and save as a repeat script to retrieve and print on demand.  Finally we are proud to announce that we have developed this stand alone application script generator using the Medprax data and it is now available for YOU!  This will be the first verison we launch, future development will focus on sending a script electronically to your local pharmacist.



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