Client Testimonials


"Dear Medprax, It has been a pleasure doing business with you - Len Bailey - New Clicks"
"Thank you VERY much for your feedback. As per usual Medprax has been very helpful, which is much appreciated.- Cheray - Umzimba Healthcare (Manufacturer)"
"Thanks for the speed and efficiency, it is such a pleasure working with you ladies at Medprax! -Joan Boddy - Mastermed Dealer"
"Thank you very much, you are a star. This is what I call service. - Helmien"
"Ai, but it is nice to work with Medprax. Stars!! - Adel van den Worm - Medicross Constantia Park"
"I just want to thank you for the emails you have sent to me. I got it right this time! Also thanks for all your patience with me. Thanks or all your help. Nadia - Dr Anderson and Senekal"
"A special thank you for everything you have helped me with this year. You're always willing and if I have a problem, I feel confident because Medprax is always there to liase with. Vanessa Echardt - East Coast Radiology Admin. Dept."
"Thank you very much for the very efficient and friendly service!! Once again excellent service from Medprax!!! Talita - Symington Radiologists"
"Everybody's so very helpful at Medprax and queries are sorted out promptly, regards Maritza - Medicross"
"You are not only a star but a shinning star! Thank you so much! I appreciate it! Tami - Dr CI Stoyanov - Radilogists"
"Thank you so much for always being so kind and helpful :) Its truly awesome dealing with you guys - Charlene Mededi"
"Thank you for your friendly and effective service! It is always a pleasure dealing with the Medprax Family! Regards Bertie - Dotmed Solutions"
"Thanks you people at Medprax are as sharp as 'Menora Blades'...LOL! What I actually mean is that Medprax service is of the best I have ever come upon in this industry, and you are always friendly and supportive - no matter what my problem is. MEDPRAX SOLVES IT ASAP!! Regards Cindy Carstens - Dr WH Keuck"
"Medprax is so efficient, I have never received such FANTASTIC response to any queries from anyone! Thanks a million - Joe - Dr J van Vreede"
"Thank you very much. I do appreciate your quick response and assistance. More ladies like all of you at Medprax will make work very easy and love-able. Thanks - Alma"
"Just want to take this opportunity to thank the Medprax team for the excellent service we as Radiology practice have been receiving over the years.
It's been a long walk but I thoroughly enjoy the service I get. Not once have I ever put down the phone disappointed with the services I've received.
I'm always impressed when I query nappi codes and my problems are resolved without any delay.
In closing I remember so vividly when there was a time, I could not bring in m consumables and medical aids but it was not a problem for Medprax to accommodate my request...
Many Thanks and warm regards to the Medprax Team. Keep up the good work!"
UCT Private Academic Hospital

"On behalf of Bergman, Ross and Partners Radiologists (formerly known as Symington and Partners) , I would like to express my sincerest praise and gratitude towards you and the whole Medprax team for the excellent way that you provide a service to us ,as a Radiology Practice.

All our requests and queries are always handled with the greatest professionalism and efficiency. This is really refreshing, especially in a medical field where some services can be very bad. 

The rest of your team are equally as efficient and kind , even when you were away on leave.


I wish your company everything of the best for the future and may it go from strength to strength. It is a pleasure doing business with you.




Talita Dyssel

"Thank you so much for your efficiency" Dr Geytenbeek

“  I have been using e-scripting for the past 3 year and have been using the Medprax e-scripter for the past 18 months and have found the transition from paper to electronic scripting to be seamless and easy. The program is easy to use and has saved me a lot of time and effort that would otherwise have been diverted to paper scripting. The formatting and user friendly functionalities of the program are readily customisable and makes for effortless scripting. The support has been terrific and the support staff have been tremendously obliging to accommodate practice specific requests. I have no hesitation in recommending this product as  distinctly peerless in the e-scripting category – definitely number 1 for me!


Dr Vis Naidoo”

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