Medprax Data Downloader

We have a NEW Data Downloader available for all our users that have an ADSL line.

This new Downloader takes the stress and effort out of getting your weekly data files by automatically downloading and extracting your files for you.

  • Once it has been installed it will run in the background and check our server everyday for a new file. 

  • If a new Medprax file available it will automatically download it into your specified folder and unzip it. 

  • When this is done a message will pop up to tell you new files have been downloaded and to remind you to update your Practice Management Software.

Click here  to install
and contact us on the number or email given below and to activate your new Data Downloader.

Now you really can 'Relax with Medprax'!


Call us on (031) 9049200 with queries or e-mail us:

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